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The Soul Truth Card deck, by Brianne Hovey promotes self-awareness and personal growth. Each card prompts you to ask yourself a question, answer honestly and work towards personal growth. 

These cards were specifically created to help with personal growth and reflection. Each day, pick a card and read the question on it to yourself. Take that question into consideration by taking a few minutes to really think about what it's asking and reflect on your answers.

Then, flip the card over and read what it says. You will see it gives you a "soul action" for that day - something you can do that day to put your personal goals into action. It might ask you, "Who can I serve today?" and give you a soul action of "Make one soulful connection today and give solely to spread more love."

Why We Love It:

  • Simple, yet effective way to achieve personal growth.
  • Helps you become more self-aware and in turn helps you grow as a person.
  • Gives you simple prompts to help you work toward personal growth one day at a time. 

Soul Truth taps into your inner wisdom and gives you spiritual guidance to unleash your potential and courageously live your soul’s sacred purpose.

Contents:  56 Cards




Soul Truth Self-Awareness Card Deck

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