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The Essential Feminine Wisdom Moon Cycle Wheel is the perfect accompaniment to Essential Feminine Wisdom book that takes you back to the foundations, teaching you about your innate connection to nature, and how your body, regardless of where you are in life, mirrors the cycles of the earth

This FREE printable wheel is a tool to allow women to start to create a connection with their own unique cycle, and start to notice how it relates to the moon, as well as find patterns in how they feel and respond to their environment during the different phases of their cycle. There is blank space for you to write down the above, with guidance from Rochelle & Adele from the Essential Feminine Wisdom book. We also have available the Essential Feminine Wisdom laminated wheel for tracking your cycle. 

The wheel should be completed each month for at least 3 months to start to notice the patterns, and create the connections.

About the Authors:

Entrepreneur and mother of 2, Rochelle Hubbard is passionate about women’s health and helping women write their own stories of liberation. Rochelle offers 31 day cleanses & programs to help awake female energy.

As a Women’s Health Practitioner & Cyclical Living Coach, Adele Wimsett loves to empower women with tools to live an optimised life. Adele runs a busy practice offering consultations, retreats, circles and bespoke treatments.

Contents: Free downloadable Moon Cycle wheel




Essential Feminine Wisdom Moon Cycle Wheel - FREE download

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