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Looking to rank advance and ditch the stress of trying to be organised? We have put together a range of kits for you to choose from. Our Deluxe Sampling Kit contains the dōPLANNER to help you structure and focus your plan, combined with a sample kit to get you started.

This sampling kit includes:


Looking to rank advance and ditch the stress of trying to be organised ?  dōPLANNER is the solution with this undated European edition. Meaning you can review statistics in GBP/EU and you can start to use this planner at any time in the year as you date the sections yourself from when you commence using it - so you'll get a full 12 month use. 

From tracking your contacts and enrolments to planning and organising your day-to-day appointments (both business and personal!) the dōPLANNER was designed by a Diamond Leader, Jennifer Bitner, for wellness advocates to keep you inspired, organised, motivated, and on track for success all year round! 

Jennifer understands first hand the importance of keeping some structure in your business to achieve ultimate success and the dōPLANNER will help you get there!

Many wellness advocates are stuck because they’re overwhelmed from a lack of organisation in their business.

Here is just an iceberg of what you get…

1. You’ll discover how to grow to organise your business’ growth and achieve financial freedom.

2. You’ll save money by skipping the multiple notebooks, journals, and sticky notes, by replacing it with your dōPLANNER, costing you less than £2.50 a month!

3. You’ll skip the hassle of remembering who/what you sampled, forgetting what upcoming tasks you have next week, and MUCH more!

4. You’ll know exactly how to navigate your goals, and each step to get there, and taking organised and effective action.

5. You’ll have a TON more time in your day to spend less time in a frantic state, and more time in a state of serving your community.


* 8.5 x 11, coil-bound for ease of opening and closing

* Weekly White Boards 

* Social Media Made Easy 

* 100 Names List & Contact Tracker with 3 additional blank columns 

* Custom Sales Tools & Brand Spotlights with Special Coupon Codes just for you! 

* Monday-Sunday Daily Agenda 

* Monthly Mind Sweep & My Whiteboard writing space

* Structure Bonus monthly worksheet

* Plan to Rank monthly worksheet

* 1-2-3 Tracking system keeps your EO biz on track as you see easy to attain mini goals each week

* Monthly undated calendar, for planning classes and other important occasions in advance

* Weekly undated calendar, with weekly intention writing space 

* Daily times (6am-10pm) listed for ease of planning

* Self-development activities so you can be your best!

*Goal-setting activities to keep you accountable

* Simple income/expenses/mileage tracking for ease at tax time!

* Quotes, recipes, inspirational messages to keep you motivated throughout the year * Checklists to keep your goals in mind and prioritize

* Monthly review exercises so your goals are fresh in your mind and adjusted accordingly as the year progresses

    Aromatherapy Sampling Strips Booklet (50 strips)

    This booklet of 50 aromatherapy testing strips is ideal for when presenting essential oils to prospects. For those who want to be super economical with their oils or for customer who want to smell various oils and it’s not ideal to have them on your skin for various reasons, sampling strips are the perfect solution.

    1/4 dram amber sample vials (24 packs)

    These popular 1/4 (1ml) Dram Amber  Sample Vial Bottles work well for sharing samples. They are the perfect size for travel kits, first aid kits and carrying in your key chains. The amber colour helps to protect contents from damaging ultraviolet light.

    Once all the oil is in and the cap is screwed on, apply one of our bottle cap stickers to the cap so you know what it contains.

    Top Ten Oils Rack Cards Rack Cards (25pk)

    Part of the "Essential Knowledge Series", this rack card is an ideal quick reference guide containing an overview and suggested uses of the top ten essential oils. These cards are perfect companions to your reference tools and guides.

    Use this card as a quick reference tool whether you're new to oils or a seasoned user. What about gifting it or using it as an accompaniment to a welcome kit, using it as a bookmark or display on a stand or stall when you need the information to be readily available as a talking point. These are a perfect give away to those purchasing a doTERRA Family Essentials or Home Essentials Kit.

    Topics contained in this rack card:

    • How to use essential oils
    • How much should I use
    • Safety
    • Suggested uses of each oil (Lemon, Peppermint, Oregano, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Lavender, Clear (Respiratory Blend), Protective Blend, Supportive (Digestive Blend) & Soothing Blend)
    • 2 sided on printed card stock

    A-Z Quick Reference (2 SIDED) Rack Card (25pk)

    These 2 sided quick reference A-Z cards are an ideal introduction to how to use essential oils for top common ailments.

    Perfect hand out for new customers or for those who you may be sampling,  give them just enough information on how to make the most, and the potential, of essential oils they have purchased or may have sampled. This is a superb preparatory education card to investing in a book.

    A-Z & The Basics Booklet (English) 10pk 

    Essential Oil Knowledge Series : The Basics & A-Z Guide (3rd Edition) is a beautifully designed mini guide capturing over 200+ natural remedies for common health conditions, with corresponding recommendations of essential oils and blends. Now featuring 2019/20 dōTERRA released essential oils. Also featured in the booklet is practical knowledge & use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, some easy do-it-yourself recipes for emotional support, diffuser recipes and much more !

    This mini guide is ideal for new & seasoned Essential Oil users alike! A perfect give away in classes or when you're sampling others to enable them to become more educated on a basic level as they start on their journey of education and empowerment.

    The back cover contains space to details samples you may be gifting this guide with and how to use the essential oils you're sampling as well as space for your contact details.

    Bottle Cap Sticker Book ENGISH (includes dividers, sheets and stickers)

    We are excited to present for you our redesigned bottle cap sticker book. It features perfectly sized cap stickers, conveniently stored in our sturdy, heat seamed compact ring binder with dividers to separate the sections. The binder contains the top most popular bottle cap sticker sheets as listed below. 

    Thanks to the Single Oils and Oil Blends dividers in this folder, searching and organising your labels has never been easier! Also, this folder is a perfect business tool as it contains a Sampling Tracker, allowing you to keep track of the samples you have given out and take notes of the personal details and interest of the people you meet every day! At the end of the folder, you will also find a Sampling Supplies section, where you will be able to take notes of the supplies you would you like / need to order next. That way, when you are browsing through our store, you know exactly what you need!

    There are 35 stickers per sheet and this set also includes a sheet of DIY stickers to customise yourself that you can write on with a biro or fine Sharpie pen.

    This sticker book makes it easier than ever to use, store and present your stickers when making up samples and can carry up to 100 sheets.




    dōPlanner Deluxe Sampling Kit

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