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Infuse and enhance your favourite essential oil blend with these beautiful smooth tumbled Rose Quartz gemstone crystals. These polished chips come in a glass tube with a aluminium screw top for ease of distributing between your roller, spray for sample vials. These gemstones are small enough to fit a standard 10ml roller bottle opening, you may need to self select to fit inside a sample vial.

Why not use to decorate a display or simply enhance your environment.

We stock a full range of roller and spray bottles for use with these chips, and they look beautiful inside the bottles alongside our Treasures Within Emotions & Essential Oils Set.

Rose Quartz : Restores trust and harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love

Rose Quartz may be used to soothe burns, diminish the appearance of scars and aids in clearing the skin. It stimulates proper heart function, aids in relieving stress, tension and depressive feelings in addition to supporting the female reproductive system.

Rose Quartz comforts and heals emotional trauma and allows one to receive love and inner nourishment. This stone will enable self nurturing and reprogramming the heart in self acceptance and self love as well as enabling the expression of the same to others

Why got create a personal blend for that special person using these chips, our Treasures Within Labels and roller bottle - a perfect gift to a host, team member of friends. Or why not use these for a make & create emotions workshop.

You can find our collection of gemstone chips here.

Contents: 10g (enough to part fill 3 x 10ml roller bottles) boxed rose quartz gemstone tube

Our Earth's Treasures Gemstone & Crystal Mini Guide is an excellent accompaniment to these gemstones to help you utilise the gemstones for your personalised needs.




Boxed Rose Quartz Tumbled Gemstone Chips (10g)

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