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This booklet of 50 aromatherapy sampling strips are ideal for presenting essential oils to those that would like to experience them.

For those who want to be super economical with their oils, or for customers who want to smell various oils and it's not ideal to combine several oils on the skin, or for those who prefer the aromatic experience rather than topical, these are the perfect solution.

The booklet is delightfully designed to provide that professional edge to the way you present your essential oils. Simply pull the strips from the booklet along the serrated edge and dab oil on the end of the strip. Inscribed with "Inhale Wellness" at the end where you would hold the strip, reminding your customers that every drop inhaled is beneficial.

You can write on the strip to identify the oil that you've applied for ease of reference. 

Why not store your oil sample vials in our Essentially Inspired Sample Case, that's super solution for carrying a selection of oils at hand.

Contents : Booklet containing 50 sampling strips




Aromatherapy Sampling Strips Booklet (50 strips)

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