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Make your oils more convenient than ever with this powerful book of 64 proprietary roller bottle recipes. Carefully crafted for powerful benefits and beautiful aromas, these recipes will put your oils to work like never before. Each recipe includes how to use it, which ailments are addressed, and even an explanation of why each oil is included in the blend (hello, fellow nerdy oil users!).

*Our virtual books are NOT eBooks or PDFs! They're an innovative kind of interactive virtual book with multimedia, video injections, downloads, and you can access them from any device anywhere in the world! 🌏🥳

IMPORTANT!!! If you're giving the virtual book as a gift, please enter the recipient’s name and email on the checkout page and let them know that a gift is on the way! 


➣ Simple Healthy Start Rollers
➣ Natural Solutions Rollers
➣ Kids Rollers
➣ Skin & Beauty
➣ BONUS: Hosting a Roller Bottle Party!


➣ Ailments & Conditions Addressed
➣ How to Use
➣ Needed Oils
➣ Directions on how to use
➣ The Reasons Behind the Blend




Roller Bottle Oil Magic [Virtual Book]

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