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Our aromatherapy books and brochures provide useful insight into all essential oil related practices. The goal of each booklet is to enhance your knowledge of essential oils to guide you on your journey to a better quality of life.

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Our business tools and materials have been designed to assist with selling, promoting and advertising essential oils. Each of our ‘how to’ guides can be used as powerful tools to help lead your clients to a path of increased knowledge.

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Essential oil cases can be used on the go for everyday travelling. Store up to 16 bottles in our quilted cases or for larger quantities, our rolling organiser is designed to carry, oils, brochures and materials – ideal for business use.


Our branded clothing range is a great way to show your affiliation with DoTerra and share your knowledge about essential oils. We provide versatile male and female polo shirts and practical aprons offering 8 pouches to hold your bottles in one place.

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Our essential oil containers are designed to make oils more accessible on the go, ready for immediate application. Choose our glass roller bottle to apply a small rub of your favourite blend as a subtle perfume or our clear plastic jar to store your essential oil based formulas.

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The healing power of DoTerra diffusers can bring a low mood to an uplifted state of clarity. Add some generous drops of your favourite essential oil blends to create the perfect ambience. Relax deeper with every inhalation and feel the sedative benefits of the purified air.