Sample Vial Solitaire – Mini Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

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Includes dilution methods, common carrier oils, and a dilution chart by age for roll-on bottles.

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Looking for a fun and educational way to entertain your guests while they’re waiting for an event or class to start? See if they can beat this fun “Sample Vial Solitare” puzzle game! To play, jump sample vials one at a time to remove them from the puzzle. Just jump one vial over an adjacent vial into an empty space, and remove the sample vial that was jumped over. To win, end the game with only one sample vial left. A convenient tear pad keeps your sheets together and in good condition. Just tear off one for each guest, and you’re ready to go.

Contents: 50 double-sided sheets.


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Dimensions 18 × 13 × 0.5 cm


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