Rollerball “Mood” Waterproof Labels (Sheet of 10)

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These labels match the recipes in our Rollerball™ “Mood” Make & Take Workshop Kit.

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These labels complement the recipes in the Rollerball™ “Mood” Make & Take Workshop Kit. Each sheet contains either 11 assorted labels. They are perfect if you want to highlight a specific blend in your introductory class. Or you can make multiple vials of a blend for gifts. The labels repel both water and oil. They adhere securely to our 10 ml roller bottles, except for the Hand Spray labels that adhere to 15 ml spray bottles.

Recipes: Release Worry, Release Sadness, Release Grief, Release Fury, Release Suffering, Embrace Love, Embrace Gratitude, Embrace Clarity, Embrace Harmony, Happiness Spray, Embrace Confidence

Contents: 1 sheet of the assorted labels (Roller and spray bottles, essential oils, and carrier oil not included.)



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