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Discover our Naturally Supporting Anxiety Card Deck and learn more on how to support your mental wellness with our Naturally Supporting Collection.

Anxiety sometimes makes us feel like we cannot afford the time to relax, however small activities can have a great impact over our wellbeing and this is one of the most powerful ways to fight anxiety. Relaxing is simply clearing your mind and being at peace. A number of activities can be relaxing, such as soaking in a bath tub, reading, doing yoga, self-massaging or pursuing spirituality through prayer or scripture reading.

Choose the activity that inspires you from the deck, find a comfortable space and enjoy some relaxation time for yourself. For every activity there is a custom essential oil blend, with directions on how to use it, and an affirmation that can help boost your motivation and confidence.

This card deck of 36 cards includes Activity Card, a Relaxing Asana Flow and Quick Coping Skills to use during stressful times.

Follow the prompts on these cards to get you started, learn which you enjoy and resonate with you and schedule them into your weekly routine!

Contents: 36 card deck

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