Modern Essentials Book 11th Edition Handbook (Single & Bulk)

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Brand names for all dōTERRA® products are back—to make this handbook handier than ever!

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Modern Essentials Book 11th Edition Handbook (2019/20)

Brand names for all dōTERRA® products are back in this go-to handbook, a complement to the Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils 11th Edition. It covers all the basics on essential oil use in an easy-to-use, approachable format perfect to give any new oil user. The smaller size also makes this portable reference perfect to carry with you anywhere. Perfect for new users just learning about essential oils as well as experienced users who are looking for a condensed and simplified reference for themselves or to give out to new enrolees.

This portable power-house is packed with all of the oil knowledge you need to know to safely and effectively use essential oils, blends, and other dōTERRA® products—all in the easiest-to-use format that makes finding the most important information easy!

Which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions.
How to safely and effectively use essential oils, blends, and supplements.
Hundreds of ways to incorporate essential oils into daily living.

Ways Modern Essentials® Handbook Will Help You—

NEW—QR codes linking to exclusive video content—now featuring YOU! Over 45 videos teach what essential oils are, how to use them, and real life experiences of how many individuals use essential oils every day to help themselves and their loved ones. Perfect for teaching yourself and others more about these amazing oils! (See the video above to learn more.)
Take charge of your own health with dōTERRA® products! Detailed descriptions, uses, safety data, and research for 67 single oils, 39 blends, 43 personal care products and 33 supplements.
dōTERRA® Brand Names! Now even easier to use.
The easiest-to-use usage guide for hundreds of health conditions! Discover which oils, blends, and other products are recommended, how to apply them, and research that supports their use for physical, mental, and emotional conditions.
Helpful charts and illustrations! Everything from ear, hand, and foot points to body systems, to emotions, to blending, to dilution—all of your favourite charts and illustrations are here!
Essential Oil How-To’s! Learn how to make your own natural lotions, scrubs, massage oils, diffuser blends, cleaners, sprays, balms, perfumes, bath salts, and more!

Published: September 2019, 11th Edition.

Contents: Softcover book of  399 pages


  • My Usage Guide
  • The Basics of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils
  • Essential Oil Blends
  • Essential Supplements
  • Personal Care & Spa
  • Essential Living
  • Appendix and References
  • Index

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