I am Fabulous Labels (set of 40)


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This labels sheet complements I Am Fabulous: Blends for Emotional Wellness by Desiree Mangandog and contains 40 different labels within 9 emotional categories: “letting go,” “heart,” “inspiration,” “mind,” “abundance,” “feel good,” empowering,” “hope,” and “diffuser” blends.

Contents: 1 sheet of 40 die-cut labels

Blend labels included on this sheet:

  • Letting Go (Release your Fears, Bye Bye Baggage, Bye Bye Love, Clear the Clutter, and Just Say No!)
  • Heart (Mend the Heart, Soothe the Soul, Warm Embrace, I Love Myself, Say I’m Beautiful, Be Brave, and Connected)
  • Inspiration (On My Path, Be Yourself, I am Free, Speak your Truth, Run with It, and A New Day)
  • Mind (Decisions, Decisions; Collected; Responsibilities; Still My Mind; and Clarity)
  • Abundance (More Money Blend, Momentum, More Than Enough, Manifestor’s Blend, and Royalty)
  • Feel Good (Fairytale; Lucky; Hop, Skip, and a Jump; Here and Now and In the Flow)
  • Empowering (I am Fabulous!, I am Whole, Speaker’s Blend, and Boundaries)
  • Hope (May Flowers Bloom, Out of Darkness, and Patience).

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