Hole Punch for Sample Vials


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Attaching vials to your sample cards, brochures or business cards simple with this mini hole punch!

The hole is the perfect size for our ¼ dram or ⅝ dram sample vials. Whether you’re using card stock, coated paper, or glossy photo paper, this hole punch can cut through multiple layers at a time. It also has a lock on the bottom for safe use and storage.

Our Quick Reference cards are a great way to sample customers, providing them with all the information they need, and ways to expand their minds beyond the immediate sample.

Great for crafts too.

Instructions: To assemble a sample card or brochure, first punch the card or paper you would like to share, our rack cards are a great resource for this. Then take the cap off the sample vial, slide the vial neck through the hole, and put the cap back on. For more accurate cuts and so you can see the positioning of the hole you are punching, try using the hole punch upside down.

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