This beautifully illustrated book by Adam Barralet & Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens

Essential oils have been gifted to you by the plants and trees who share this planet with us. The book takes you on a journey to connect with the voice of each essential oil, through their stories and their secrets. Join us along the path of discovery and healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as we unlock the power of the plant kingdom.

Dive deeper into the magic of over 100 essential oils, including the rare and relatively unexplored, in this full-colour book overflowing with original blends, inspiring affirmations and mythology spanning the ages.


  • The Oils
  • What Are Essential Oils
  • Ways to Work With Essential Oils
  • Blending Your Essential Oils
  • How To Use This Book
  • Earth Oils
  • Water Oils
  • Air Oils
  • Fire Oils
  • Akasha Oils
  • Index

Contents: Hardcover Book


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