Essentially Well – White Acrylic Bottle Stand (including bottles & labels)


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Beautiful acrylic bottle stand for the “Essentially Well” Make & Take Kit with the printed logo on the front face. These stands are a great way to beautifully showcase your products and to keep your stand or showcase area tidy. This stand includes 10 roller bottles and a set of variety labels.

The bottles sit 10mm into the stand to give them a secure base and are approximately 335mm in length. Bottles should be removed for transportation.

Some bottles can be marginally different in base diameter within normal manufacturing tolerance, therefore we are providing 10 x 10ml Clear Roller Bottles with Black caps and Plastic Rollers with this stand for you to make up your samples, ensuring that your sample bottles fit perfectly into your stand. Simply apply your enclosed Essentially Well Variety labels and make up your samples.

Contents: 1 x “Essentially Well” Acrylic Stand, 10 x 10ml Clear Roller Bottles with Black Caps & Plastic Rollers, and 1 set of Essentially Well Variety Labels.

Additional Information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 33.5 × 4 × 4 cm


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