Essential Knowledge Series : The Yoga Collection Rack Card (25 Pack)


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Part of the “Essential Knowledge Series”, this rack card is an ideal quick reference guide for the enlighten, steady and centering dōTERRA blends.

Contained on this card are detailed yoga benefits, information regarding research and how to commence your practice.  We then look at each of the 3 blends capturing a their aromatic description, how to use them, profile, accompanying affirmation and yoga poses to utilise along side each blend.

This card will be your “go to” quick reference on how to make the best use of dōTERRA’s amazing yoga collection.

What about gifting it or using as an accompaniment to a welcome kit, using as a bookmark or display on a stand or stall. Or why not insert a selection of carts for as part of a welcome kit for new oilers, or gift to downline or friends who might need this most.

Contents: Pack of 25, also available as single cards here.

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