500ml Black Lotion Pump Replacement Head


Dispense with ease your liquid soaps, carriers, lotions, or shampoos with these pump tops that fit perfectly onto our 240ml bottles. They have a locking mechanism to prevent spillages and are perfect for massage oils or decanting gels too.

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This black pump dispenser is perfect for easily decanting carriers, lotions, shampoos, liquid soaps and so much more. Conveniently equipped with a twist-down mechanism to lock the pump to prevent spillages and for ease of storage and transportation.  is the ideal dispenser for lotions and liquid soaps. It is conveniently equipped with a twist-down lock for storage and travel.

Contents: 1 x black pump dispenser to fit 500ml bottle

Cleaning Notes: If the pump becomes clogged or hard to operate due to your contents becoming dried inside. Remove the pump from the bottle and place the end in warm soapy water and pump several times to clean out the tubes until the water comes through with ease and is cleaned out. If necessary soak the tube and pump for 5 minutes repeating as needed. Remove from water and continue to pump until all water is removed, pat dry, then allow to air dry completely before replacing back onto your bottle.

Operating Notes:  To lock the pump dispenser, simply press the head of the pump all the way down and then twist in a clockwise direction whilst holding down until the thread screws and secures the dispensing head.  Twist counter-clockwise to unlock.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 22 cm


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