Sanitising Gel DIY Kit (2pk)


A handy travel-sized bottle for transporting your lotions or gels.

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From the “Super Simple” range of products, we have this DIY set containing the flip-top bottles, labels, and recipe to enable you to create in the comfort of your home 2 bottles of Sanitising Gel from all ingredients and essential oils.

These bottles are gently squeezed to decant the gel into your hand, they’re compact and the perfect companion to have in your pocket, handbag, on your desk, or in your backpack when on-the-go. Perfect to be used by every member of the family, or why not empower others and show them how to create at home too. No longer do you have to accept chemical alternatives – make natural and toxin-free sanitising gel.

This kit contains a full instructional recipe card,  co-ordinated labels (label require trimming where indicated) and 2 x flip-top bottles.

Ingredients required (but not included): Aloe Vera gel, water, rubbing alcohol (99%), vitamin E oil and antiviral/antibacterial essential oils (we recommend Protective Blend, Oregano and Tea Tree)

Contents: 2 x 30ml clear plastic flip-top bottles, label sheet, recipe card



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