15ml Airless Perfume Bottle (Single)

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Create and craft your own unique pure-fumes using this fine misting spray airless perfume bottles (made from essential oil safe acrylic). Perfect to make professional and unique scents, tailored to you!

If you’d prefer some recipes and instructions on how to create why not get together with a friend, along with our Precious Pure-fumes DIY set and create some personal fragrances together.

These bottles are not intended for use with thick carriers, they are perfume bottles and are best used with thinner fluids to ensure the beautiful fine mist.

Note: To use the bottles, push the base down with a chopstick, fill with ingredients and use in the normal way. As the fluid inside is used the base inside will move up the bottle by way of the vacuum that’s created inside, and once empty simply push the base down and refill.  These bottle produce a fine mist spray.

Contents: 1 x 15ml Airless Perfume Spray Bottle (recipe sheet for illustration purposes only)

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