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Moon Ritual Oracle and Essential Oil is a delightfully unique Oracle Card Deck to guide and inspire you through the New Moons and Full Moons. With each moon, you can explore rituals with carefully selected essential oils to enhance and connect you to your feminine energies. Turning into the Moon is a rhythm between releasing the old and planting new seeds of light on your life path.

These oracle of lunar rituals and its accompanying detailed booklet were beautifully curated by Bénédicte Graf and Nathalie Aebi Percuoco, who provided the astrological and aromatherapy resources for the creation of the cards. The illustrations of the cards were beautifully created by the amazingly talented artist, Julie Vigneron.

Content: 24 Moon Cards (12 New Moon, 12 Full Moon), with essential oil pairings/suggestions, 12 Astrological House Cards, 12 Planets and Affirmation cards, 1 Ritual Support Card, and a detailed Guidebook.




Moon Ritual Oracle and Essential Oils Card Deck

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