dōTERRA Branded Products

dōTERRA essential oils have been developed by industry experts bring the highest quality of essential oils to the market. Taken from the phrase ‘Gift of the Earth’, dōTERRA recognizes the amazing benefits that essential oils can have on individuals. All dōTERRA products are carefully distilled from plants by experts in the field and carefully distilled to acquire the purest of oils. A combination of modern technologies and experience allow dōTERRA to extract quality oil from a diverse range of plants. Each plant requires a tailored approach with consideration for pressure, temperature, time and harvesting. They require a process as unique as the plants themselves.

Each dōTERRA product is carefully tested using CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) protocol to ensure that they are of the highest standard for both professional and personal use. Using dōTERRA products requires the support of quality essential oil materials. We provide the quality materials required to use each essential oil in the most efficient way.

Browse our range of dōTERRA essential oil materials including reflexology charts and branding products such as business cards, rollers banners and aromatherapy cases. If you have questions please contact us today and we will do our utmost to help.

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