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Align your chakras, strengthen your yoga practice and centre your aura with DoTerra essential oils worksheets. Whether you use them aromatically, internally or topically, these healing oils will support you in your daily lives due to their organic, natural substances deriving from plants.

Each drop of aromatic oils can be powerfully effective for emotional, physical and spiritual uses having been used for centuries. For an uplifted, energising yoga practice, the sweet yet subtle scent of lemon verbena essential oil is a great way to promote clarity of mind and a natural energy boost to start the day, perfect for balancing the crown chakra.

Is your heart chakra feeling unbalanced? Try a mixture of bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang to unlock feelings of compassion and vibrancy. For when you’re on the go, essential oil containers are practical and fuss-free. Myrrh, frankincense and cedarwood, the perfect balancing blend for your root chakra. Feel grounded, secure and content as you go about your day. Add some generous drops to your diffuser to reap the most out of this powerful blend.

For tight, sore muscles, stress relief and even allergy relief, adding a blend of different essential oils can support your every need. No more clogged sinuses or sleepless nights, these oils will simply soothe, ease and reduce your issues in a safe and natural way.

To learn more about how essential oils can support your health and wellbeing, take a look at our worksheets here.

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